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Why We Raise Only AKC Puppies
 You know you are getting a full blooded puppy with AKC. We are inspected annually by AKC. If we have a litter when the inspector is here, they take DNA samples from the puppies and the parents. If that did not check out, we would no longer be able to use AKC for registration. Our sires are DNA’ed. 

We received the gold seal certification from the AKC Inspector. She told us she inspects 1,200 breeders each year. She said she seldom gives out the gold seal. She also said if anyone asks us about being a puppy mill they can be assured she has inspected our kennel and would never give out certification to a puppy mill. She has had the state close down kennels that were not taking proper care of their animals.

All of our puppies are sold with AKC registration paid for by us. You choose the puppy name. We do not limit the registration. 

 There are many other registeries out there. Some of them only require the owner of the litter to send names and money. There is no follow up or inspection to assure the puppies are actually what they say they are. So whether you choose our puppy or another breeder's, please choose an AKC puppy to be sure it is purebred. No other registery can give you that assurance that we are aware of.

We give you unlimited registration because we feel you, the owner, should decide if your puppy is bred. It is not our place to make a limitation on your puppy.
The AKC website is www.akc.org. 


We are excited to include new benefits
to purchasing a puppy from us. 
 Beginning Nov. 2013 (this is a new program sorry, 
we haven't had this available in the past.)

Your puppy will have:

1. Paid AKC registration - you will chose your puppy's name

2. Microchip 

3. Lifetime microchip registration with AKC Reunite. If your puppy is ever lost or stolen the microchip will help find his way home.

4. AKC Complimentary 30 day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. (Sorry this is not available in New York and California due to laws as of Dec. 2014. Please check to confirm laws haven't changed for your state.)

5. Complimentary first office visit at a veterinary practice listed with the AKC Veterinary Network. (Please confirm your vet will accept the complimentary certificate prior to your first visit.)

6. An AKC DVD on raising your new puppy.

7. AKC New Puppy Handbooklet

8. AKC Family Dog Magazine - 1 year subscription.

9. Lifetime Behavioral support thru AKC GoodDog Helpline.