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Beardies in their new homes.
Here are some of the pictures we have received from Beardies in their new homes.
This is Memphis who lives in Missouri near us. This was taken in
the 2011 blizzard.

Mulligan who lives on a South Carolina island and was featured in August 2009 issue of Dog World.

Sir Lancelot in Texas
Sir Lancelot at 1 year of age.
This puppy is at home in Florida.
Beardie puppy. About 8 months old.
Piper is doing great.  I took this photo on our morning walk. (almost 4 months old) She is growing quickly and she is very smart. Sit, stay and heel have become part of her daily routine. The vet said she came from a good breeder during her check up. She definitely gets a lot of attention from us and people she meets. On several walks people ask to take her picture. Piper lives in Nashville, TN.

4 month old Macy in California.
Levi in North Carolina. He is happy in his new home and enjoyed a Puppy Shower given in his honor.
Mulligan with his adult coat enjoying a round of golf.
Two pictures of ELI in Connecticut. 
I just wanted to give you an update on our wonderful dog, Mulligan.
We have been so happy with him and love him so much. He has the best personality and temperament of any dog we have had. Mulligan is much more outgoing and friendly than our other Beardies. Mulligan is very smart and has learned a few tricks and we are working on a few more. He is very vocal and interested in anything new or out of place. He has been to the groomers a couple of times and they love him as well. He loves to go for a walk and is doing quite well with his house breaking and is great on his walks.  For MORE PICTURES OF MULLIGAN SCROLL DOWN.
Reggie at home in Arkansas. Just had his first hair cut.
 Piper soon after arriving in her new home.
 Piper overseeing construction of new home,   7 month birthday          and at  8 months of age. 
The 2 pictures above and 2 below are of Mulligan.

Just wanted to drop you a short note to say how much we love our Beardie, Mulligan. He is 8 years old now. He has such a great disposition and loves people, children and other dogs especially (but loves to chase deer, rabbits and squirrels off the “farm”). We never had any trouble training him. He is definitely a front yard dog as he likes to see who is walking by and provide a hello if requested. We had a female PON until recently whom Mulligan thought was his responsibility. He would bark to let us know when she needed to go out and tell me if she was doing something wrong.
Wilson with his new family.
Piper one year old.
 I wanted to let you know that the puppy arrived safe and sound yesterday and is adjusting nicely to her new home! She was scared when we picked her up and brought her home, but she took a nap and woke up full of energy and curiosity! (Occasionally pups are timid but it doesn't last long!) 
She slept through the night in the crate without whining and went potty outside in the morning. We've named her Cooley and I've attached a few pictures for you.
Thank you so much, we are in love already!   MORE PICTURES OF COOLEY - scroll down
In Memory of CLEO 

These 3 pictures are of Cleo.
My family (in Missouri) purchased a beardie (Cleo) from you back in December of 2001. Unfortunately our Cleo passed on earlier this week after 15 fun-filled, loving, and very healthy years. She was a member of our family and my kids have known Cleo their entire lives. 
Our initial experience with you was outstanding. Even our vet (he's still our vet) was very impressed with the health, care, and record keeping of the dog. 
Do any of your current sires or bitches have lines back to the beardie we purchased back in 2001. It would be extra special if we were able to connect the new pup to our beloved Cleo, as she was very, very special to us.  (Yes we do!)

WIGGLES: the black and white pup pictured to the left is their new puppy.
COOLEY in New York City
My little man Jackson is doing great. Thought you might want to see some recent pics. He got to go to Colorado last weekend - he loved the snow !  Jackson lives in Missouri. 

"Miss Souri" is at home in Indiana. 
 I just wanted to give you an update on Zuri. She is doing great! We still absolutely love her! We start puppy classes this week.
Also, we have become very popular wherever we go with her which is good because she loves all the people as much as they love her!
Piper contest for Nashville Lifestyles cover. 
 I wanted to let you know that Cooley (now 10 months) is doing great and continues to be the hit of our neighborhood - we can't walk five feet without someone stopping to ask what breed she is and if they can pet her (and she LOVES the attention)! She gets to the dog park for an hour each morning and has several doggie friends as well.

Also, Cooley became a big sister on June 30th to a little brother! She is wonderful with him, occasionally licking his head or feet, but otherwise not paying him much attention (for now), and is great with all of the little kids in the neighborhood who always want to pet her. We tell everyone Cooley trained us to become parents! She is just a love and we are so happy with our little family​​!
SASHA: about 4 months old in Pennsylvania 

Just wanted to let you know, the puppy, Sasha is doing well and growing quickly. She is almost 100% housetrained and loving her new home. Thank you again for a wonderful puppy!
BADGER in Nashville, new little sister to PIPER. More pictures of Piper above, scroll up.
PIPER, big sister to BADGER
10 month old Macy 

Thought I'd pass along a couple of pix of Macy at 15 months...
As you can see, she likes sight seeing. 
- Sometimes we think she's a cat - likes to site on top of a perch and look out.
- They say that Beardies are independent - we can certainly attest to that.

She's perfectly healthy and active and can handle a 10 mile hike..

All in all, great dog!

Piper and Badger  2022