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Many ask if it is better to get a boy or a girl.
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Many people ask if a boy or girl is a better puppy for their home. Or if they already have a puppy, which puppy is best to get.
With the breeds we have, we do not notice a big difference between males and females, whether adult or puppies. We have chosen gentle breeds. They are not aggressive by nature. 
Some people feel strongly that one is better than the other which we assume they are basing on their experience. We agree there are some dogs more desirable than others but we think it is related more to the individual dog or the breed than gender.

If you plan to neuter / spay then we do not have a recommendation of one over the other. If you do not, then you may have trouble training either a male or female to not mark their territory with urination, with males being the worst. 

If you already have a dog we do not have a recommendation for that situation either. We have had one instance in our years with dogs where 2 males got along well for about a year and a half. Then one became jealous when someone other than the owner gave a bone to one dog and not the other. This could have happened as easily with 2 females or a male and a female together. We have not been notified of any other issues of this type. We have had quite a few people getting 2 males or 2 females or one of each at the same time. Some were littermates, some weren't. There have also been several people get a puppy and then one to two years later get another one. Again the combination of males or females does not seem to make a difference in getting along together. We have not had anyone else notify us of issues.

We think the more important thing is how you train your puppies/dogs. Recognize that dogs look for a "pack leader". If you don't take charge your dog will. (Size of dog does not dictate this.) This is the situation where you may experience problems. We highly recommend techniques used by Cesar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer". His show is on National Geographic channel and he also has a website.