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Crate Training

 We used to be opposed to crate training until we found out more about it. Now we realize this is an excellent method of training your puppy. We have received feedback that the crate is working very well for many who have our puppies. 

 The crate resembles a den which is the natural environment for a litter of puppies. The crate becomes “their own place” where they can go for rest, or just to spend a little time alone. 

 They will not soil the area where they sleep so the crate aids in house training the puppy. You can leave your puppy in the crate overnight for sleeping. As soon as the puppy wakes up, take it outside to “potty”. See also, "Training your puppy" on this website.

 There are several websites with good information on crate training. One of them is http://www.inch.com/~dogs/cratetraining.html. 
We suggest you say “crate” or “den” not “kennel” to be consistent with one syllable words for commands.

 We prefer the crates that are of wire. This type of crate is not accepted by the airlines so we are unable to ship in it (sorry).