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What you will need
 Brush and / or comb. For puppies we use a nylon brush that has the little nubs on the ends of the bristles. For adults you will need a comb as well.
You will need to brush at least once a week and anytime after being outside if your puppy picked up leaves or other debris in their coat. If grooming becomes too time consuming you may consider clipping their coat so grooming takes less time.

 Nail clippers, unless you plan to have your vet trim the nails. Be careful not to trim the nails too short. Clip just below the color change in the nail.

​ Toothbrush and paste. You can use a child’s toothbrush or you can get special ones that fit on your finger designed especially for dogs. Get “doggie” toothpaste, not human.

 Shampoo, any brand of hypoallergenic should be fine. Do not bath any more often than necessary. Dogs need the oil on their coat. Too frequent bathing can remove this and cause skin problems. 
When you turn on the dryer, don't point it directly at the puppy. Instead direct it away from the puppy or even better have someone bring the puppy in to the room with the dryer already turned on. This will avoid your puppy being startled. Gradually he/she will get used to the dryer.