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Guarantee and Insurance

Here is our guarantee. This guarantee is for all puppies unless otherwise stated prior to your purchase.

Dennis and Joan Wilson 
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We guarantee your puppy purchased from us to be healthy at the time of purchase. Vaccinations and worming are current and listed on the bill of sale. Wilson Kennels guarantees your puppy for seven days from date of purchase against parvovirus, distemper, corona virus, hepatitis, and respiratory disease caused by adenovirus type 2 and parainfluenza. In the event the puppy dies from one of these diseases during that time, we will refund the full purchase price upon receiving a statement of cause of death from your veterinarian within seven days from the date of death and the registration papers.

We also guarantee your puppy against hereditary disorders that are detrimental to the puppy’s health, for one year from puppy’s date of birth. In the event this occurs, we will replace the puppy with the first available puppy of the same sex and breed. You must notify us with a statement from your veterinarian within 7 days of the problem being diagnosed.
You should take your puppy to your veterinarian within three business days from date of receipt for a health check and to set up a schedule for further immunizations. Your puppy will require additional parvovirus vaccinations as well as others required in your area.

If your veterinarian finds any health problems with your puppy during the period of guarantee, notify Wilson Kennels at once. You, as buyer, are responsible for all veterinarian costs after time of purchase.

Only guarantees stated in this written guarantee are in effect from date of purchase. Wilson Kennels makes no other guarantees. This contract is void if the buyer does not have the dog vaccinated according to the schedule established by the veterinarian, fails to have a health check by a qualified veterinarian within three business days of date of receipt, does not provide for medical treatment as needed, or physically abuses the dog in any way. Wilson Kennels is not responsible for injury, illness or death due to accidents or neglect.

This puppy is being sold as a pet, which may be used for breeding purposes unless limited registration is provided. No guarantee is made as to the ability of this pet to breed. Guarantee valid only to original purchaser. 

Other conditions: _ None______
Date of Sale ____________ Puppy’s Date of Birth _
Puppy ID number ________ Sex _____Breed _ _ 
Registration number ___ _____________
I have read, understand and agree to this guarantee. 

______________________Date  ____  buyer                    _____________________ Date  ____  seller
Dennis Wilson 

We are often asked if we recommend insurance for dogs. We don't recommend for or against it. We feel this is a decision each family needs to make based on their individual needs, circumstances and resources.
There are many different types of policies available should you decide to get insurance, so read each one you are considering carefully. Some cover only "wellness" while others may cover partially on severe illness and/or accident. Some begin coverage right away, some not until your puppy is 6 months old, some 60 days after premium is paid. 
We feel AKC is a reliable source for insurance. Their website is www.akc.org for more information. A free 30 day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan (insurance)  is part of your AKC package when you purchase a puppy from us. (Sorry not available in all states due to state laws.)

Another source we feel is reliable is Eukanuba/Iams. www.eukanuba.com or www.iams.com has more information. 
There are many others. You may want to ask your vet as well.

While we make every effort to send you a healthy puppy there is no way we can know what might happen in the future. Just like humans that appear to be healthy one minute, the next they may not be. We never know when we might have an illness. You should consider if your dog becomes seriously ill how you will handle the situation. Some people will want everything possible done for their dog. While this might seem to be best, it is not necessarily so. Some do not have the financial means to provide that care even with insurance. Since your puppy or dog can not always indicate they are in pain, just because a treatment is possible does not always make it the right thing to do. I (Joan) am a nurse and I see people suffering sometimes when instead they should be allowed a natural death but their family selfishly won't let go. So while this is something we don't even like to think about, discussing the possibility now and having a plan may help you to know you are making a rationale decision in the future and not just one based on emotion. We hope this helps you and we hope it is something you never have to face.