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If I Decide On One of Your Puppies What Is the Next Step?
​This is not a form to click and send. Sorry I am not tech savy enough for that. Just send the answers to the questions in an email. Thanks.

If you are interested in our puppy, we need additional information from you:

Do you have a yard or park nearby for exercise?______

What is your plan for the puppy when you must be away from home for several hours? ______

What is your city and state? ______

If you have chosen one of our puppies, we will need additional information for shipping and registration papers:

Name of person picking up puppy at airport if shipping:______

Name of owner for registration papers:______

City, State, Zip code:______

Email address:_______

Day time phone number:______
Evening phone number if different:______

Airport _____________  

We understand that you may be checking with several breeders before making your choice of puppy. Please understand we often have 4 or 5 people asking about the same puppy at the same time. Sometimes people will promise to make a payment however the payment does not come through. 
If you request an invoice to make a Square deposit or payment and another person asks for the same puppy, we will allow 24 hours for you to make your payment. If it is not received, we will cancel your invoice and make the puppy available to the next person. The Square invoice should be received within 5 to 15 minutes of your request being acknowledged by us. If you don't see it or if you are having any problems using Square please notify us right away, otherwise we can only assume you have changed your mind or are not actually ready to make your decision. Thank you for your understanding.