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What If I Have to Leave My Puppy Alone?

 While it would be wonderful if you never had to leave your puppy "home alone", realistically we know sometimes this will happen. 

 Crates are great for overnight or short stays (30 minutes, maybe an hour). They are not intended for 8 to 10 hours while you are at work. 
If your puppy can not stay in the yard, weather permitting, then arrange a safe room. This is much like “baby-proofing”. Look for anything that a bored puppy might like to chew, scratch or otherwise use to entertain itself. 
Arranging for a friend or neighbor to check on your puppy mid-day and give a short exercise time can reduce boredom.
Leaving a television, radio or music playing can also help reduce boredom for your pet. 

 If you are gone for extended periods we expect you to find a reliable pet sitter.