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MOLLY lives in Florida and at age 3 participated in the wedding.
More pictures of our wheaten puppies in their new homes.
Kelvin is happy in his new home in Houston!
Three pictures of Maggie in Kansas. She is about 11 months old in these pictures. 
STELLA and SAM.  Here are pictures of the two pups we adopted from you in April of this year. We were the family that was only going to get one female but you had one male left so we bought both. Ha what an experience. We live in Florida and just this past week got the pups groomed. Here are some pics of them now. (about 8 months old) They are best buds and we are so thankful and glad we ended up with two! They have completely different personalities!! 
Stella is independent and kinda just does her own thing loveeeees to be pet washed and brushed. Samson on the other hand follows me everywhere and prefers to be with me at all times lol I kind of love it! They both are so smart and fun!! They love going on walks and playing with other dogs. Our 4 year old adores them and they love him just as much if not more.Thank you so much for what you do! These are the best pups in the world!!!
Below Stella and Sam before a trip to the groomer.
Below Stella and Sam after a trip to the groomer.
Baxter on his ride home from the airport.
Zaylee in Oregon
 GRACIE in Florida. She is doing great!!. She is a fast learner and everyone just loves her She is a little cuddle bug too!
She adapted very quickly to our home as well.    15 weeks old in this picture.
 Watching the Super Bowl! 
Zaylee enjoying the Oregon coast.
ALFIE in Texas with his new summer cut. Learning how to play ball.
Mr. Biggs had his first haircut at 5 months. 
Biggs is doing great! He's so smart! He lives in Arkansas.
ODIE. Hi there, just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Odie. He is doing so great, we just love him so much. Here is a pic from his first haircut today 
ODIE about 4 weeks old.   ODIE soon after arriving at his new home in California.
ODIE's first snow.                                                                                   ODIE with his sibling.                            
Hi Joan,
Just wanted to give you an update on Luxie. She is awesome. 
She is so smart. Last weekend she started going to sit by the front door and just looking at it. She cries a little if we don't catch her soon enough - but all she wants is to go outside and "do her business." We were so concerned about going out to buy a bell to try to teach her how to tell us she needs to go out....but she just started tell us on her own. She hasn't had an accident inside in about 2 weeks! She also knows sit, "paw," and down. We are pretty sure she knows her name and does pretty well at "come." "Stay" might be a hard one right now. She still likes to chew on flip flops and fingers/toes...but we are working on it. In the past week she has learned how to go up and down stairs (it is sort of a game for her I think). We try to take her on long walks at least 3x/day....just to burn some energy. Her nights have been great and the crate training has gone well too. 

Everyday she seems to be getting longer and blonder! We have tried to take her to the beach because it is one of our favorite places in Maine. The weather out here has been horrible - rainy, so we will try to go back to the beach again this weekend.
 I wanted to share with a picture of our Wheaton that we purchased from you back in February. Vika (Veeka) has been the best and has brought so much joy to our family. She is so playful and gets along with our dog. So many people have asked where she is from and I have given them your website information. We look forward to many years with Vika and taking her along with us on our outings.

VIKA at 10 weeks and 6 months of age in Texas.
Just sharing a photo of Jackson!
He's such a character, we are so happy to have him. 

I was nervous about buying a puppy from out of state, but it has been absolutely wonderful. 
Thank you so much for the communication and weekly photo updates. His vet visits have been super. 

Since he had opportunity to go outside at your place, it has made potty training a lot easier. 
We're still learning, but it is really minimal 'accidents'. He uses the outdoor space here over 95% of the time. 

I absolutely love this breed. He's just perfect in so many ways. He barks so infrequently, that it makes us laugh when he does. 
Being a puppy, he is still 'clumsy' and coming in the house on tile floors - he runs and slides. 

He's doing great on a leash. The first time, he didn't like it. But now, he sits to have the leash put on and taken off. 

                                        WILLOW   in Arizona.      
                                        She's darling. We picked her up and
                                         she seemed curious but not scared.
                                         She's checking things out in the
                                         backyard now. We feel blessed to
                                         have a new family member. 

DOOGAN in North Carolina.
PIPER in Arkansas
SHELBY LYNN in Florida
NESTOR arrived in Georgia safe and sound. He's worn out from playing.
SHELBY LYNN arriving at the airport.
NESTOR at two years of age. Loves to sleep on his back.
Ginger Lynn
BEKA in Colorado.

Thank you for the puppy.
She is good!!!. And happy. So playful!
Her name is BEKA

Below are pictures of BEKA at 9 months of age.
SHELBY LYNN 7 months old
GRIFFIN 1 year old birthday party.
I hope this email finds you well. My husband and I got one of your Wheaten puppies from the July 15 (2016) litter.  It's so hard to believe we celebrated his 1st birthday on Saturday.....seems like yesterday when we picked him up from the airport!

I can't express enough to you, how much we love this little guy. He has the best disposition and is a total cuddle-bug....wants He has been the best addition to our family and brings us joy and entertainment (with his huge personality) every single day!

SHELBY LYNN 4 months old
SHELBY LYNN 3 months old
SHELBY LYNN 9 months old
FAMOUS NESTOR: Decatur GA used a picture of him as a model for some of their community art!

BECCA at home in QUEBEC CA
RUGER at his first vet visit in Utah and later at home after playing with his new friend.
TILDA in Arkansas. Enjoying her new friends including the goats!
Sunny is 6 and Rocky is 5. Both were purchase from your kennel. They are very loving and sweet. Each day they bring love to our family. They love each other and play well together.  Sunny still has her dry dog food kibbles on the floor in a line as she eats each one at a time. 😊.
We are very happy with our Wheaton that we purchased from you a year ago.
I cannot express in words how much love and joy Sunny brings to us everyday. She is the best dog I had ever owned or known. She has so much love to give and is very smart. Her first week home with us she was ringing the door bells to go to the bathroom. 
Sunny sleeps with us at night and she sleeps most of the time on her back with her feet straight up in the air. : )
I never seen a dog do this before. 

The best thing to do with a wheaten is exercise them and feed them the dry food as you recommend. And provide them as much love as you can give.
I love taking Sunny early morning on walks and let her be a dog and get muddy if she likes to. She loves the mud, snow and water. Bur especially mud. 
(​Her sibbling arrived a year later. )
Sunny and Rocky at home in New Jersey
Sunny about 1 year old.
Sophie lives in Kansas. She turned 6 months old last Saturday. Her mom and dad took a little vacay to Hawaii and left her with Gigi! Sophie loves the cold and could play in the snow all day. She's so loving and has the life of a princess.  

Here is a pic from last night when I tried to get her to come in from playing in the snow.

Update: 2023  Sophie has a new family member!  See pictures farther down this page.
Piper in Arkansas
Marley in North Carolina
PRINCE in Oregon
SOPHIE playing with "her" baby.