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Shipping by air

We use puppy travel flight services, Airbound Pets for shipping. They pick up the puppies from us. They feed, water, exercise and care for the puppies. Right before the flight, they clean the puppy's pen; give them fresh water. They take the puppy to the airport for their flight. 

We are normally not notified of changes in the fight schedule the day of the flight. Most flights can be tracked on-line or you can contact the airline. 

Flights are totally dependent on the weather. USDA regulations require certain temperatures while the puppies are on- or off-boarding the plane. During flight the temperature is controlled. A sudden weather change can cause unavoidable changes in the flight plan. This happens only occasionally however we suggest you track the flight for possible changes. (This has happened six times in the winter and twice in the summer over many years.)

We do not sedate our puppies for flights. It is not necessary and most airlines will not accept animals that have been sedated. We have been told our puppies arrive very happy and ready to leap in the arms of their new family.

On-line tracking

American Airlines www.aircargo.com

What to expect on arrival at the airport and the first day:
Here are just a few of the comments we have received.

 “Tucker arrived safe and sound! He's everything we had hoped for. He came to me right away, he perched himself on my lap for the drive from DC to VA. He was very playful. Once we got home, he was a bit shy. He didn't want to leave the kitchen, but, once we showed him his bed (crate) in the living room, he was happy to join us. We had visitors, it seems like everyone knew he would arrive today. Chris took him for quite a walk, and I think he is truly Tuckered out. He doesn't bark at all, in fact, he doesn't make any noise. I'm hoping that this makes crate-training easier, because I can't bear it if he cries or whines. He's eating and drinking, and seems content. I hope he is not too homesick. I'll send pictures soon. If you're interested in seeing pictures, I'd be happy to e-mail you a picture each month. Thanks again for everything. Nancy”

 “Hi! Just dropping a line as promised to let you know that BoBo is home safe. We picked him up at Newark around 11:30am. It was so funny because he was traveling along with 3 shitzu puppies who were cowering in the corners of their crates, howling wildly. Not him, though. He was sitting up erect with a look on his face like "what in the world is going on here?" No signs of illness/upset tummy, etc. He's very happy to be chasing my 3 year old around the house for 5 minute intervals, before he decides to go back for another nap in his bed. Great looking dog, great personality, a great day! Thanks for making it happen. Will be in touch on Saturday after the vet check. Cynthia”

 “He is here! Oh my goodness he is soooo adorable. Such a sweetheart. He seems to be settling right in. The kids were delighted. Tears and all. It is hard for them to leave him alone. We are already in love. We just put him in his crate for some quiet time. Thank you very much!!
Thanks again for everything. Linda” 

 “Rigsby made it to Tyler, Texas without any problems. The workers at the airport who checked him in made such a fuss over him . I knew he was going to be cute, but he is not just cute he is adorable. I think he is really going to love it here. Rigsby and Lukas (our son) both are taking a nap right now it has been a very eventful day for the both of them. Thank you so much for our dog, we are so glad that he can be a part of our family. I will send you some pictures soon. Dana” 

 “Hi Joan, Just wanted you to know Coyle's had a great start. He's everything we hoped for and more. He traveled very well. He was energetic and friendly with everyone at the airport. He's had such a super first day. He's played hard and napped soundly. He's accepted all the new things that have come his way quite graciously. It's obvious that you guys gave him a marvelous start. Thanks, Kathy” 

 “Dear Joan and Dennis, I don't know what you two do at Wilson Kennels, but whatever it is - you're doing something very right!! Day three with Sully is great. He is doing so well. He has slept longer each night. He is going potty regularly outside, no crate accidents. He is eating and playing and settling into a great routine. He has such a great disposition. He isn't timid, yet cautious at times with new things (steps and stairs throw him a bit). He isn't aggressive. He likes to be close to any of us. He loves his playtime and gets very excited and rambunctious at times. He seems to know his name. Loves his crate and goes in on his own if he is tired. He is really delightful. I'll start working with him on commands this next week maybe because he is doing so well and seems eager to please. We really can't thank you enough. We were a bit uneasy about buying a puppy over the internet, you've made it all very easy and a great experience. Linda”

Some tips for making your first day with your new puppy a great beginning:

1. Your puppy will be as excited as you are. But he or she may feel timid until the new surroundings begin to feel like home.

2. Introduce your puppy to the new family members one at a time. It is not unusual for puppies to tremble when in a new situation. Let everyone hold the puppy for a few minutes, then just one person continue holding him or her until your puppy seems relaxed. It won’t be long till your puppy feels like they are the boss. Just give a little time.

3. Puppies spend most of their time sleeping until they are several months old. So PLEASE limit play time the first day. Given the chance most puppies will play until they are past exhaustion. We suggest you and your puppy play as hard as you like for up to 15 or 20 minutes but then allow undisturbed time for a nap or at least rest, either on your lap or in their new bed. After a nap your puppy should be ready to go again. Remember they have just been on a long trip. Think about how you feel after traveling. No dog parks until your vet says it is ok. Vaccinations and worming may not be up to date on other animals in the park. 

4. It is best to wait at least a day before introducing other pets such as dogs or cats. Then when you do introduce them just observe. It is natural for animals such as dogs to find out right away who is the more dominate. So as long as they are just sniffing each other or one standing over the other, with the other one cowering, this is normal. If one gets more aggressive you may need to wait a little longer to put them together. Don't immediately put your new puppy next to your other pet. While you understand you expect them to be great playmates, they won't, they need a little time to absorb all the change they have been through in a short time. Your other pets will be surprised too, with a new roommate that they had no say over. 

5. Be sure you have your vet appointment set up and that you follow through on any additional vaccinations needed as they grow and an annual booster. Do call us if you have any questions or concerns. 

There is only one smartest dog in the world, and every boy has it."