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Training your puppy

If your puppy/dog is not behaving well, most likely they need exercise. If that doesn't help, then evaluate your discipline.

You will have free unlimited access to lifetime behavioral support through AKC GoodDog Helpline once your pup is registered (We will register your dog and pay for the registration with AKC and the microchip).

House training and discipline:

 The most important thing to remember with house training and discipline is to be consistent. If you have children in your home, keep in mind that being consistent is difficult for children. Adults should handle the discipline and training initially. Being firm and consistent in the first few days will make the transition easier for both you and your puppy. You can never get these first few days back. So determine now how training is to be done and stick with it.

 Never call your puppy to you to discipline. Coming to you when called should always be rewarded by a gentle voice, petting etc. Instead, go to your puppy to discipline. When you call your puppy to you and he/she comes, they have just obeyed you, if they are now punished, it will be confusing that they are being punished for the last thing they did which was obey you.

 Puppies have very short memory when it comes to punishment for doing wrong. If you find a puddle in the floor but did not see it happen, it is too late to discipline. Your puppy will not associate the discipline with the act of urinitating. He/she will understand you do not like the puddle but has no idea how it got there. Never put the puppy’s nose in an accident. This will not make any sense to the puppy. 

 Any discipline must occur at the instant it happens. Otherwise, wait for the next opportunity. 

 Always take the puppy to potty as soon as he/she wakes up, after drinking, any time you see them walking in a circle and sniffing the floor, also several other times a day and before bedtime. Your puppy should be able to stay in the crate at night without accidents, at least 6 hours or more until they are older, then all night. If he/she needs to go while in the crate they should wake you up by whining.

 Having a second water dish outside will also encourage the puppy to potty outside. They often potty right after they drink.

 These are good websites regarding training http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/housebreaking.htm, http://www.dogtrainingzone.com/?hop=hfreview (this one has some good tips for free on the website, you might not need to buy the book) and
www.iams.com also has a lot of good information on puppies.

An excellent source we have found for training puppies or dogs is Cesar Millan’s television show on National Geographic Channel and his book, Casear Millan’s Way, The Dog Whisper. 

"A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it."
-Helen Thomson