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What do I need for my new puppy?

 If shipping, your puppy will travel in a crate that will be suitable for travel in the car for several months until it is outgrown. 
We suggest you get a wire crate for in the home that will be large enough for the anticipated adult size. Then your puppy will have a permanent den. You may need to partition it off if it is too large initially. Your puppy needs just enough room to lay down and turn around until trained to control elimination. With this small space they should not eliminate in the crate. Once trained you can remove the divider. You can put a towel over the crate for nap time or at night to reduce the light and prevent drafts.

 Brush and / or comb. We use a nylon brush that has the little nubs on the ends of the bristles. For adults you will need a comb as well.

 Nail clippers, unless you plan to have your vet trim the nails. Be careful not to trim the nails too short. Clip just below the color change in the nail.

 Shampoo, any brand of hypoallergenic should be fine. Do not bath any more often that necessary. Dogs need the oil on their coat. Too frequent bathing can remove this and cause skin problems. Your regular hair dryer may be used.

 Toothbrush and paste. You can use a child’s toothbrush or you can get special ones that fit on your finger designed especially for dogs. Get “doggie” toothpaste, not human. Human toothpaste and baking soda upset your puppy's tummy.

 Collar and leash. We do not recommend choke collars. You should be able to get a finger between the collar and the puppy’s neck. Check the size often as they grow. It can get too small quickly as they are growing. A harness is a good option. If the puppy gets caught on anything, it won't choke them like a collar might. However, for training or discipline, the collar does work better. 

 Toys. If the toy will be left with the puppy alone, only use toys approved for dogs. Children’s toys may have parts that can break off or be chewed off and result in choking. If the toy is too large to fit through the cardboard roll of paper towels, then it should be ok for your puppy. If it is smaller it may be a choking hazard.