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Wheaten Puppies in New Homes
​We really enjoy pictures of our puppies in their new homes and as they grow. We get lots of Christmas cards from them too.  Here are just a few. 
The color of their coat will vary depending on their age and if the coat is clipped, how close it was clipped.
Most puppies have their wheaten color by 1 year of age. Even as an adult their wheaten color can vary slightly during the year. 
The closer the coat is clipped, the lighter it will be.
Some have more dark hair on their ears and around the muzzle than others. This hair is a blue-gray called gun metal or blue. 
This is Millie in New York at 7 months of age.
Some of the pictures we have received from Soft Coated Wheaten puppies in their new homes.
This is a 3 year old in Pennsylvania. She is looking for a sibling from a future litter.
Here is Maddy in Vermont.
Besides loving snow, Maddy is a Patriots football fan.
These pups grew up next to each other on our farm and went to different homes in Arkansas, not far from each other. Here Casey and Gully are meeting up for the first time since being in their new homes for a playdate. Obviously they are happy to see each other. They are 6 months old in this picture.
This is Kramer in Colorado, about 2 years old here.
Kramer watching YouTube videos with one of his family.

Ali on her first trip to the mountains (Sherman's Pass). 
Ali lives in California.

Ali with a wet coat after helping building a snow man.

Ali on Sherman's Pass.

Ali at home in California at 2 years of age.
Ali 2 years old.
Ali 5 weeks old.
Ali finding the top of the couch a great place to relax.
Ali was seen playing by someone wanting a wheaten, after contacting us it was discovered that Ali was the puppy seen. Soon after Moses arrived in his new home he had a playdate with Ali. They get along great. 
(We never give out any information without your permission. Often we have puppies in the same city and after permission to exchange email addresses, new friends are made and our puppies get to play with each other occasionally.)

Moses in his new home in California.
Moses loves children.
This puppy is meeting her new family in Minnesota.
Shadow in Texas at 4 months of age.

Phinneaus 1 year old Nov. 2009, living in New Jersey.
Doogan in Kansas enjoying
 his first snow.

"He is truly a great puppy. Doogan is very inquisitive, yet very loveable. The crate and house training has been very easy. The outdoor kennel method you have is wonderful. He loves his crate and goes in on his own. When he needs to go out he goes to the door and sits or paces. The only time when he has gone in the house is when we were not watching for his signal. He got to experience snow. He loves to go out and just root around in it."
"I wanted to send you some photos of Zoe. She is 7 months old now and is such a joy! She has a great personality and is very social. She loves to run and play with the other dogs at the park. She is incredibly lovable and recently graduated from Puppy Class! Both our vet and groomer have commented on her health and disposition. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!"
Here are 3 pictures of Zoe.

Shadow in Texas at 4 months of age.
Zoe 3 months old in these pictures.
Zoe 7 months old.
Adie at 1 year of age in New York.
Chewey soon after arrival in California.
Meeko in his new home in Maryland. His family says, thank you so much for such a sweet puppy! Meeko has adjusted very well, he just walked into our family like he was just supposed to be here.
This is Bella on her first day in her new home in Kansas.
Bobo moved from our farm to the city! Looks like he didn't take long to enjoy city life with his new family.

Jan. 2014 we received this letter from Bobo: Greetings from NJ! Tonight I was taking a trip down memory lane with my family and we looked at your new website. I see lots of pictures of what must be my brothers, sisters and cousins. They look just like me! So I wanted to send a quick hello and to tell you that I will be celebrating my 9th birthday this year! I am still as active and as healthy as ever and am loving life in the big apple.
From Bobo: here is a picture taken in 2008 and a recent one running wild on the beach!
Lahaina and Jacoby, sister and brother on arrival in California.
We have named them Jacoby after a favorite Boston baseball player and Lahaina (prounounced La-hi-na) after a favorite place on Maui..and a drink called Lahaina lemonade....because she's a little crazy..and rambunctious ... Both have been great in the crate and easy to get to go outside.... He has the mellowist disposition...they seem inseparable as when 1 isn't there. They sleep 7hours a night! Our vet said "they are perfect"...well behaved ...as a result of the line ... Our kids adore them
Don't let this picture fool you. 
This is how they look when 
exhausted from play.
Phinneaus and Baxter in New Jersey. They are hoping for a sister soon.
Lahaina and Jacoby, about 5 months old.
Wilson turning 1 year old on the left.  His family has grown - on the right.  (Several of our puppies are named Wilson.)
What a great puppy!! Doogan is turning 15 weeks on Sunday and is growing. He has established himself as a part of the family and has his methods for each of us. He is an incredibly smart dog. We taught him to ring the bell to go outside. It is very cool. Sometimes he nudges the bell with his nose and other times he swats it with his paw. He loves to give Wheaten kisses. We have him house, crate and lease trained already. His parents must be really good, smart dogs as well.
Phinneas in NJ at 4 months of age.
Zoey in LA on the beach.
Lahaina and Jacoby
COOPER, 1 year old in North Carolina   (Love the shirt too)
Lahaina and Jacoby at 3 years of age.         
Amazing dogs with such unique personalities. He is the mellow sensitive lapdog and she is the inquisitive hyper one...they are a perfect combo. always within eyesight of each other....they even clean each other's faces and ears like cats!!!  
See   "More Wheatens in New Homes"  for more pictures